Trash can fines good for Detroit

Re: The Detroit News’ Nov. 18 story, “Detroit’s crackdown on garbage cans spurs $100 fines”: The time has come to act and be responsible citizens. I stand behind our city officials for cracking down on this. We as Detroiters just need to act responsibly and take pride in homes and communities.

Everyone’s goal is the same: a city we can all be proud of, a city that has and is coming out of its dark days.

The first wave of change has begun. The second wave is us. Revitalizing and rebuilding needs to continue in the neighborhoods. We citizens need to do our part. If you cannot help the blight, call someone and report it. Hold them accountable for the outcome. Make them give you updates. Make our city, county and state governments work with and for us. Do not just sit back and complain. Volunteer, get involved, and help.

If we are responsible and respectful of others and their property, we are helping in a great way. Detroit it is time for all of us to come together. An adaptation of a great phrase, “Ask not what your city can do for you, ask what can I do for my city.” It starts simply: first, take your garbage cans in. Clean up your property, help clean up and maintain others. Get involved in your block club, neighborhood association, or other community organization. Let’s be part of the solution, not the problem and definitely not just sitting on the sidelines complaining just because.

We have a great city and we have the opportunity to make it much better.

David Becker, Detroit

Attacks against Israel ignored

It seems almost comical reading about a double standard in response to terrorist attacks that had no mention of Israel or how the media react (or don’t) when Israel is attacked.

Yes, it’s true, neither the Baghdad nor the Beirut attacks received the same attention, empathy or anger that the Paris attacks did.

It’s also true that terrorism against Israel and Israelis is routinely ignored by the press until Israelis use deadly force in response. Suddenly the world notices. Major news organizations then work tirelessly to skew headlines and either hide or bury pertinent information in order to create an alternate reality where Israel is the guilty party. While Palestinians were daily attacking Israelis, some especially outrageous reports focused on Palestinian worries. Never mind that Israeli (and now American) Jews were being murdered in the streets of Israeli cities in every possible manner.

There is actually a triple standard. While some massacres receive less publicity than others, only Israel is condemned in the media for trying to stop the terrorists.

Harry Onickel, Ferndale

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