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Column: Internship offers glimpse into corporate world

Charity Turnboe

Moving from my original school into a new one this year was nerve-racking. And never having any previous internship experience, I was a bit nervous about starting with Deloitte. After all it is the No. 1 accounting firm in the world and a Fortune 500 company.

Yet Cornerstone works profoundly well in tailoring each opportunity for the betterment of its students.

Working at Deloitte the past few weeks has eased all previous concerns and misconceptions I once had of working in corporate America. For one, the work environment is amazing. The office space is comfortable and not cubicles often associated with the business world.

As an intern in the beginning weeks of my work, I have been pleasantly surprised by the freedoms Deloitte allows, such as a game room where workers are allowed to go after a day of work. It features a Wii, and a ping pong and a pool table. Though there is hard work associated with my internship, the entire staff treats us with the respect we give them.

I also value the exposure Deloitte gives me to the many different functions it takes to run an accounting firm. We split off into groups to learn about a different department each week. This has piqued my interest in recruiting and marketing — both things I previously would have hardly considered as a career.

Not only has my Deloitte internship exposed me to a variety of career paths, it has also allowed me to network with people who have experience. Relationships are essential in every area of life, and Deloitte stresses their importance.

The final thing that I love about my internship at Deloitte is the fact that it has afforded me the opportunity to meet such a diverse group of people. Deloitte’s staff members not only vary in race, gender and religion, but regions also.

Deloitte truly uses diversity to its advantage. Due to the fact it has workers of such diverse backgrounds, it is able to understand and gain customers of a diverse background. I came to Deloitte worried about my lunch options due to the fact that I’m vegan, but it turns out it deals with vegans all the time. Which means every Wednesday I have a vegan lunch provided, which exemplifies the company’s concern for not only the majority but also the individual.

That’s pretty amazing for a company with 210,000 employees.

I have enjoyed my time thus far at Deloitte, and I am truly thankful for the opportunities such as my internship through the Deloitte Cornerstone Pathways Program. Though I am headed into the medical field with a concentration in dental, I know the lessons being instilled in me by both Cornerstone and Deloitte will be unparalleled on my journey. From Deloitte I am being taught the importance of integrity and communications.

From Cornerstone, I have been given connections that have allowed me opportunities such as the internship.

Charity Turnboe is a sophomore at Cornerstone Leadership and Business High School in Detroit. She participates in the Deloitte Cornerstone Career Pathways Program.