Letters: Readers talk tax breaks, road repairs

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Tax breaks overlook homeowners

At the same time that bills are being introduced in Lansing to stop “dark store” tax assessing of big box stores three bills have been introduced to exempt data centers for property, sales and use taxes?

Do state senators Tonya Schuitmaker, Dave Hildenbrand, Peter MacGregor and Rep. Ken Yonker think only homeowners should pay property taxes?

Bill Mercer, Ann Arbor

Earned-income, child tax credits help vets

Every November, we recognize the service of our veterans, but as state Sen. Vincent Gregory noted in his recent column, we owe them support that lasts year-round.

That’s why we at JVS continue to work to support our veterans when they come home, with training programs and activities that recognize their unique emotional, financial, interpersonal and physical challenges. And that’s why we, too, urge Congress to take action on the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit to help our veterans build a more secure future.

This fall may be Congress’ best opportunity to do so when they consider permanently extending tax breaks for businesses. They also should close a glaring hole in the EITC for young workers and those without kids – a change that would benefit about half a million veterans and serving military members.

We can’t turn our backs on the men and women who served our country and are now working hard to make ends meet. These tax credits help all kinds of families get back on their feet, including our military families, and Congress should truly honor their service by supporting them.

Leah Rosenbaum, JVS, Southfield

Auto sector should pay for roads

Funding for road maintenance in Michigan should not be a matter of legislation to rob Peter to pay Paul or raising taxes on the poor as has been tried before and is about to happen again.

A new source of funding should come from very high taxes on overpaid auto CEOs and highly paid executives of the auto industry as they are making fortunes off of automobiles they produce and make huge profits on.

Also a funding tax should be exacted on those of their employees receiving exorbitant bonuses based on the high profitability of these corporations producing an overpriced product due to the largess of the taxpayers who have bailed them out before. They all benefit from the autos they build reaping huge profits to pay high salaries and bonuses and taxing them should be very popular amongst most voters of all states.

Glen Adams, Westland

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