Gun laws can curb violence

Re: Nolan Finley’s Dec. 6 column, “Gun laws won’t stop terror”: Reading your paper daily I see headlines about the pursuit of homicide suspects, accounts of mothers and children shot, murder-suicides and other gun assaults. Gun laws wouldn’t have stopped the apparently terror-related shooting in San Bernardino, but how many daily shootings of death would they have stopped?

How many domestic violence, road rage or teenage shootings would be decreased from wider background checks and connecting psychiatric care to those checks? There are plenty of gun shootings to decrease, despite many mass shootings that would have not been thwarted. Still some large attacks also would have been prevented. The Virginia Tech shooter would have been obstructed by a gun law as well. You say a gun law wouldn’t have stopped the San Bernardino attack. But how many daily incidents of gun violence would be stopped from smarter gun laws?

Vassilis Jacobs, Detroit

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