Letters: Reader weighs in on DPS finance

Re: The Detroit News’ Dec. 18 report, “Bankruptcy could be option for failing DPS”: I say bankruptcy is/should not be an option.

In 1999, when DPS was taken over by then-Gov. John Engler, the district had a $100 million-plus surplus. DPS has been under state control for literally the past 16 years.

The first emergency manager (EM), Robert Bobb, was appointed by former Gov. Jennifer Granholm and the last three — Roy Roberts, Jack Martin and Darnell Earley — were appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder.

EM-style of governance was supposed to reduce or eliminate the deficit, but it’s done neither. Instead, the deficit has grown significantly.

The state created this financial quagmire that DPS finds itself in and should pay the debt off itself.

Thomas A. Wilson Jr., Detroit