Letters: readers react to drug bust, cartoon

Re: The Detroit News’ Dec 12 story, “FBI agent shot in Detroit drug raid”: We seem to hear stories like this one about the enormous drug bust and injured FBI agent so often that it makes you wonder whether police officers really still believe we’re making a dent in the drug market.

It makes you wonder whether it’s even worth it, considering a veteran officer was shot during this big drug bust.

Officers are hurt and killed in the line of duty, and we can do something about it.

Drugs are plentiful and ravaging poor communities with addiction, disease, and gang violence. We can do something about that, too.

Ending drug prohibition is the biggest solution to our nation’s drug problems.

If we treat addiction as a health issue and send people to effective and affordable treatment, if we redirect our police officers back to solving crimes instead of arresting drug users, and if we regulate drugs so that sellers are taxed and controlled and prevented from selling to children, we can all live in safer and more peaceful neighborhoods.

As a retired Michigan State Trooper, I know that drugs are too dangerous to be left in the hands of criminals and our current enforcement strategy has failed.

Ted Nelson, Howard City

Cartoonist simply wrong

I understand that Henry Payne can’t resist taking pot-shots at President Barack Obama at every opportunity. But his latest anti-climate change cartoon is particularly galling — it suggests that the poorest countries in the world were against the very climate agreement which 195 nations just signed onto in Paris.

To the contrary, everything I have read suggests that poor countries were pushing for a stronger climate agreement, including asking for more financial and technical assistance to help them leapfrog fossil fuels and implement renewable energy sources in their own countries.

Please, don’t put your words in their mouths! It’s just wrong.

Louis Merlin, Ann Arbor