Letter: Minimum wage limits opportunity

Minimum wage limits opportunity

Re: The Detroit News’ Dec. 11 guest op-ed, “Minimum wage fundamentally flawed”: Mark Perry gives 10 reasons minimum wage laws are bad economics. They are, but minimum wages are flawed as an issue of morality as well.

For example, consider what actually happens when a young person just out of school with only average grades applies for work and is declined because of inexperience at, say, a minimum wage of $7.50.The kid says his parents are in rough shape and he just wants to make enough to help out a bit and would be willing to work for $5 an hour to gain experience. The owner then says he’d like to pay that, but it’s against the law. At the very point they would agree, the government stops the owner and the would-be worker from achieving their mutually voluntary personal goals.

Democrats have always liked to commit such aggression and now several Republicans presidential candidates have said that they favor it, too. Let’s find someone else to vote for.

Keith P. Edwards, St. Clair Shores

Confusion on autoimmune diseases

I am writing to clear up confusion about AIDS-HIV and similar-sounding medical conditions, because people really need to know. HIV is the killer. AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. There are numerous autoimmune diseases. These include lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome among many others. These are not communicable, contagious diseases.

HIV, human immunodeficiency virus, is contagious and causes AIDS.

Sheila Torres, Lincoln Park

Tax rates cost jobs

Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are chiding Pfizer as the latest U.S. corporation to relocate. It seems Pfizer doesn’t like the oppressive 35 percent tax on business that liberals agree with. Actually, Sanders would like it to be much more. We need a conservative, business-friendly environment to bring back lost American jobs.

Rich Brown, Detroit