Letter: DPS resources, Korean threat

Schools need better resources

Re: Ingrid Jacques’ Jan. 8 column “Where’s the outrage over DPS teacher strikes?”: Shifting focus to the internal needs at DPS should correct everything. You get what you pay for.

I’m outraged that our system will not give the schools the monetary support they need. Where’s our Lottery money for the schools? Accountability of our lawmakers? Let’s worry about the teachers and the tools they need.

The quote from the DPS spokesperson hit the nail on head: they aren’t thinking about the kids. We have overfilled classrooms, low pay and reduced benefits. Why? The issue is our lawmakers and government.

They talk the talk about supporting the kids but they don’t step up. They want roads. It’s no different whether it’s in Detroit or the suburbs. It’s horrible. The teachers can't have representation from the so-called unions, the state clearly wants to dictate what that will be. What do they know about teaching they are policy makers? So this is what they get, sick-outs. How else can teachers get what’s needed? It should get worse.

The state dictates everything from monitoring the teacher effectiveness, to pay rates, andclassroom sizes and para pros. And the lawmakers dictate the effectiveness? Is that the cart before the horse? How can they do their job without the tools that they need?

So let's give the attention that this needs and give it a budget that will give teaching the status everyone says they want and our kids a solid future and the sick-outs will go away.

Tim Klemz, Rochester Hills

Support missile defense

Re: The Jan. 8 story in The Detroit News “South Korea resumes anti-North Korea propaganda broadcasts”: Withs news of North Korea’s latest nuclear test breaks, President Obama should renew his administration’s commitment to defend our nation against by fully funding our ground-based missile defense shield.

Taking up just one 500th of our defense expenditures, GMD has proven itself to be able to detect and shoot down enemy missiles in nine live-fire tests. It is one of the most cost-effective and necessary components of our national defense.

But as our enemies continue to advance their technology, we must also expand and modernize GMD to keep pace with the threat. To do that we must add more interceptors at our current bases, deploy the newest radar systems, update our current “kill vehicle” and develop the next generation of missile defense systems.

Now is the time for Obama to continue to fully fund GMD to counter the North Korean threat.

Col. Kris Mineau, USAF (Ret.), North Reading, Mass.