Letter: State officials dragged feet in Flint

State officials dragged feet

It appears that our neighbors in Flint can now rest easy. Gov. Snyder finally decided to visit the area and was spotted handing out a bottle of water. After it was reported that the U.S. Justice Department was investigating the circumstances that led up to the poisoning of an entire population, the state Attorney General Bill Schuette emerged and said he too would pursue the issue.

The whole disaster started under the direction of one of Snyder's appointed emergency managers. Common sense would tell you that this individual should be banned from state employment. But no, he is overseeing the Detroit Public Schools.

As far as Schuette investigating fellow Republicans for their conduct during this whole debacle, you shouldn't put too much faith in anything coming out of that. Schuette has never been the champion of the down-trodden, gay people, folks of color, union retirees and especially Democrats. In fact, he has argued against some of these same people in higher courts.

Snyder is asking the federal government for financial assistance because our state can't afford to help Flint and Genesee County. This is the same man who has bestowed over tax giveaways to corporations. Maybe he should tell these people they need to kick in something.

James Huddleston, Canton