Letters: Readers share views on DPS, Obama visit, Flint


Rebound linked to schools

A member of the Michigan Legislature is preparing a bill to punish Detroit teachers for calling in sick. The Detroit News was filled with editorials echoing the same idea.

Detroit teachers are trying to make people aware of conditions in Detroit schools. Where is the outrage for what is happening in Detroit schools today? Something needs to be done now or else the district should be dissolved and the students sent to neighboring districts where they can get an education without fear of black mold, falling ceilings, no heat and many other physical problems.

There is a sign along Route 75 advertising for substitute teachers. Most school superintendents will say finding good substitutes is a problem. That’s a sign of what will happen next in the regular teaching ranks. Who will want to live in Michigan if we don’t have good teachers for our schools?

We need healing not condemnation. We need creativity to solve the schools problems. I keep hearing that Detroit is rebounding, but I tell you that will never happen without good schools.

Paula Mark, Flat Rock

Obama aid to auto industry

Re: The Detroit News’s Jan. 21 article, “Obama: ‘I could not be prouder’ of auto industry”:

President Obama has right to be proud about the auto industry and I couldn’t be more proud to have Barack Obama as president. About continuing the auto bailout loans, Obama said “Though it’s not the popular thing to do, it’s the right thing to do.”

Had he not continued the loans GM/Chrysler would have would have gone out of business, and according to some auto analysts, Ford would have got caught in their wake and gone out of business as well.

This would have caused the country to go over the edge into an economic not seen since the Great Depression of 1929.

Now, today GM, Chrysler and Ford, are selling vehicles at record pace. Gaining market share. Paying workers profit sharing checks. Investing in their plants and hiring people. As President Obama said “The auto industry is back!”

Thomas A. Wilson Jr., Detroit

Maybe state needs EM

With our crumbling roads and bridges, our failing school systems on the edge of bankruptcy, and the poisoning of the people of Flint, perhaps it’s time for President Obama to appoint an emergency manager to correct Michigan’s mismanagement.

John Loftis, Dearborn Heights