Letters: DPS, Trump, Flint and democracy

Praise for DPS sickouts

Re: Ingrid Jacques’ Jan. 28 column in The Detroit News “For public workers, hard to get fired”: The teachers should be given a award for bringing attention to the horrific conditions at Detroit Public Schools.

The Emergency Manager who was in charge of Flint and is now in charge of DPS is the one who should be fired. I find it nearly inconceivable that he wasn’t aware of the conditions in the schools. Yet he did nothing to rectify them.

Tom Paquette, Livonia

Charity for Michigan

I think it’s great that celebrities like Big Sean, Jimmy Fallon, Jack White, Craig Newmark, etc. are contributing millions of bottles of water for the people of Flint.

However, I must ask a question that has bothered me, for the last several weeks: If the state of Michigan is responsible for Flint’s water problem (as Gov. Rick Snyder has stated), why are we dependent on donations from the world?

I would have thought that our tough nerd, super-organized, management guru governor would have a train of semis pouring into Flint to provide something as vital clean water. Oh wait, our tea party-driven legislature has made government too small to do its job. In Michigan we have to depend on the kindness of strangers, like any other Third World country.

Carmen Sarotte, Berkley

Flint water probe

This is not a real investigation unless reports and other communications from the licensed engineers who were employed to run the Flint Water Utility are presented. References to outside consults are not enough.

What about the people who designed and ran the day-to-day operations?

Dona Deman, Livonia

Trump’s debate boycott

Just a thought: Donald Trump doesn’t like a Fox News anchor.

If elected president could he choose what government leaders he would talk to.

Vincent Anthony,

Clinton Township

Democracy poisoned

It’s said power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This example exists in Lansing. With the governor, the Senate and House and attorney general, Republicans have near absolute power.

Now they do whatever they want. Democracy and public opinion mean nothing. The Flint crisis is the latest example.

Rather than help Flint, the GOP Legislature helped themselves by passing Senate Bill 571, which increased the amount donors could give. They attacked free speech and prevented school boards from talking about ballot issues. Senate Bill 13 removed the right to straight party voting.

Emergency managers were rejected, but the GOP trampled the people’s vote and put them back. With no public hearings and only GOP votes, they prevented people from voting by referendum.

This is how tyranny starts. This is how democracy dies. Gov. Snyder and the Legislature are responsible for poisoning Flint’s water and poisoning Michigan’s democracy

Allan Bieniek, Southgate