Letters: Reaction to radio host, Clinton emails

Reader salutes DJ

Re: The Feb. 1 article in The Detroit News “Warren-raised DJ in Iraq tweaks ISIS”: After reading the article I said a prayer for Noor Matti and his family.

I then went to the website www.shlama.org and contributed money to assist the Chaldeans who are still living in Iraq under deplorable conditions.

When Time magazine begins its search for “Person of the Year,” its editor need to look no further than Noor Matti.

Marcy Dlugopolski, Lincoln Park

Clinton skirts email misuse

Retired Gen. David Petraeus is the canary in the email coal mine for Hillary Clinton. He won’t be further punished for his mishandling of classified material. If he had, the government would have had to charge Hillary Clinton.

She’s done more to deserve punishment, but is too powerful. The Democratically controlled Department of Justice, IRS and FBI will not stop her run for president. The liberal media will ignore the story. Power defeats truth.

Tom Tallon, Wyandotte