Letters: Comments on campaign jabs, EM law

Rhetoric proves meaningless

Please explain to me how any U.S. secretary of state needs to be told that something is top secret? If Hillary Clinton hadn’t spent so much time writing emails about her daughter’s wedding, the Clinton Foundation, etc., maybe she’d actually have had time to do her job.

That job would have included protecting our embassy in Benghazi, accomplishing something tangible from her millions of miles of travel abroad, forging meaningful agreements with other major world powers such as China and Russia.

Remind me again of who appointed her to this position and why she was the best candidate? Oh yes, now I remember, it was Barack Obama — the same person who, in the Democrats’ presidential primary in 2007 and 2008, was critical of Clinton on numerous issues.

The critical comments about Clinton and the fact Obama subsequently appointed her to this position prove that anything these politicians say about each other is meaningless. It suggests these candidates didn’t really mean or believe what he or she was saying during the debates about other candidates.

Before anyone votes, they should take time to check the record of each candidate as to honesty, integrity and actual accomplishments. Only then can American voters elect someone who actually will do the job they stated they would do, and more importantly, accomplish exactly what they said they would do if elected.

Thus far, I haven’t seen a candidate on either side acting presidential. It seems to be a group of self-absorbed, highly egotistical and petulant children. Someone needs to tell all of them to grow up and address important issues confronting us both internally and externally. That is what should be being “debated.”

Eric Heckmann, St. Clair

Repeal EM law

The people of Michigan have seen the failures of the emergency manager law, passed by Gov. Rick Snyder and the Republican Legislature, with the failings of Darnell Earley in Flint and Detroit Public Schools.

Earley and emergency managers across that state have been looking at cities as if they were businesses, making decisions based on how the books looked. This is not what government does. Government is designed and required to provide for the needs of the people. One of the major problems with the emergency manager law is that the governor is appointing someone who has no “skin in the game” or no direct connection and investment in the city. They are making decisions that impact people based on saving money and what the ledgers say. We see how this has worked. Flint’s children are now poisoned. Detroit Public Schools are no longer safe or providing a constitutionally protected right for the children of Detroit, a fair and equal educational opportunity.

These EM laws have clearly impacted minority populations. Nearly 40 percent of the people in EM cities live below the poverty level. This is a clear civil rights violation. This administration is taking over cities that cannot afford and do not have the political will to fight back.

There has been no transparency from the EMs, this Legislature or governor. So, we may never know what and who actually is responsible for the poisoning of Flint and the destruction of Detroit’s Public Schools.

It is clear, however, that this administration through the emergency manager is trying to privatize education and the supply of water. We want our cities returned to the people and the men and women we elected. We want democracy back. It’s time for Lansing to repeal the egregious emergency manager law now.

Rick Blocker, Metro Detroit AFL-CIO