Carbon, climate and health

Re: the Detroit News’ Feb. 12 editorial “Clean Power Plan stay a hollow win”: The American Lung Association in Michigan was disappointed to see support of the Supreme Court’s ruling to put the Clean Power Plan on hold as the courts review the legal challenges. We need progress toward the reduction of harmful carbon pollution. But the decision does not necessarily need to delay real health benefits to our families and neighbors, as long as Gov. Rick Snyder chooses to move ahead with plans to reduce power plant carbon pollution in Michigan.

Carbon pollution drives climate change that threatens lung health and safety today. The Clean Power Plan, which is the first-ever national plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants, is critical in our fight against climate change. Meeting the plan’s original, generous deadlines promises significant health benefits, including the prevention nationwide of up to 3,600 premature deaths and 90,000 asthma attacks in 2030, as well as 300,000 missed days of work and school. Michigan families, including our most vulnerable populations, cannot afford delayed protection.

The delay of these benefits would not only be disappointing, but dangerous. We hope Snyder will continue to take steps to reduce carbon pollution from power plants by developing a strong state implementation plan, which Michigan can put in place when the litigation is resolved. The Lung Association in Michigan will defend this critical clean air and climate protection and encourage neighboring states to make progress as well.

Ken Fletcher, American Lung Association in Michigan

Young blacks still waiting

The record should show that President Obama has done very little to help young blacks, especially in places like Chicago his hometown. Baltimore, Detroit and Los Angeles are other cities where the first black president seems to have abandoned those that need the most help to advance in society and life in general.

Free Obama phones was not the answer. This president through his policies has managed to leave the poorest still poor, erode the middle class and make those on Wall Street even richer.

He still complains about the evil rich. But he forgets to mention that he allowed their wealth to increase at the expense of the poor. Nice way to celebrate his last Black History month as president.

Tom Tallon, Wyandotte

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