DPS families shortchanged

I’ve followed with interest news about the conditions in the Detroit Public Schools. I’m of the opinion that these conditions did not happen overnight.

I’m a product of DPS, Mackenzie High School class of 1968. I can remember that back then, in the late 1960s, Mackenzie had a laundry list of maintenance problems. I’m sure Mackenzie wasn’t the only building in the Detroit Public Schools system to have problems.

If I recall correctly, these were some of the items concerning working conditions that our educators went out on strike over in September 1967.

Over the years, we keep hearing how both the state of Michigan and federal government have thrown tons of money at the DPS to remedy many of the poor conditions. So what has happened to the money? It’s obvious that the teachers, the students and school buildings did not benefit from it.

I think the parents of the students have a right to know where the money is and has gone, because it’s not getting down to the classroom where it belongs.

Joseph Provost, Newport

Senate’s advice and consent

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death casts a shadow over the Constitution. The Obama administration has tried to circumvent Congress and reinterpret laws. Thus far, the Supreme Court has rejected some of those attempts.

Obama’s court appointments support the idea that the Constitution should be interpreted based on current mores rather than its original intent. If he appoints a justice who follows this thinking, he will have created a court that could change our Founding Fathers’ intent.

It’s the constitutional right of the president to appoint a new justice — with the “advice and consent” of the Senate. It’s the duty of the Senate to protect the Constitution and the separation of powers. Any candidates the Senate believes would endanger those should be rejected.

Walter Dilber, Holly

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