Colbeck: Supporting Cruz will make a difference

State Sen. Patrick Colbeck

Do you feel let down by our politicians in Washington? Our national debt is $17 trillion. Over 7.4 million Americans have left the workforce. Our citizens in a nation founded on freedom are ordered to pay for health care. Food stamps are at an all-time high. Our military is forced to fight enemies, such as the Islamic State, with both hands tied behind their back. Our sailors are forced onto their knees before Iran, a sponsor of terrorism. Police officers are portrayed as the bad guys. Our great Melting Pot has been replaced with division by race, creed and sexual orientation. In short, up is down. Down is up.

President Obama promised the fundamental transformation of America. I am sad to say that he has kept that promise.

Do you know what else is sad? Since the 2010 election cycle, Republicans have been in control of the U.S. House of Representatives. Since the 2014 election cycle, Republicans have been in control of both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. Did the transformation stop? No.

Did anyone running for president oppose this transformation? Yes. Ted Cruz did. In fact, he is the only candidate for president who has consistently opposed it.

As a youth, he memorized our original blueprints – the U.S. Constitution. The principles embedded within this document, the principles which many in our armed forces have bled and died for, are embedded in Cruz’s world view. This is a critical consideration in light of the possibility that the next president is apt to appoint up to new Supreme Court justices.

As solicitor general in Texas, Cruz has successfully defended state sovereignty in the Supreme Court upholding the sentence of illegal immigrant Jose Medillin. who raped and murdered two teenage girls in Texas. He went on to lead the fight against illegal immigration and amnesty in the U.S. Senate where he introduced Kate’s Law to end the dangerous policy of sanctuary cities. He has also led the fight against freeing over $100 billion under Obama’s dangerous Iran deal. He has successfully defended the Ten Commandments Monument at the Texas State Capitol and the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. His successful defense of the 2nd Amendment in the Heller Case is legendary. His defense of life is constant and beyond question

Did anyone else running for president support him in his opposition to the fundamental transformation of America? No. They were silent.

In fact, some went beyond silence to aid and abet those who pushed this transformation along with Obama. Some provided campaign contributions to those responsible for this transformation. Some actually led policy initiatives such as amnesty for illegal immigrants that put our citizens at risk. Some actually promoted Obamacare via policies such as Medicaid expansion.

In this election, there is a very clear difference between the candidates. On March 8, it is time for my fellow Michiganders to choose between continued transformation of America or a principled restoration. It is my hope many will join me in voting for Ted Cruz.

State Sen. Patrick Colbeck is a Canton Township Republican.