Letters: Views on High Court, local drilling

Mistake to delay court choice

Re: The editorial in the Feb. 15 Detroit News: “Scalia stood for the Constitution”: Your commentary on the passing of Justice Scalia was an excellent overview of the import of his death.

I agree, especially, with the inadvisability of a Republican tactic of a year-long delay, both for the reasons in your editorial, but also for it setting a precedent whereby a Democratic Congress could stall a Republican president’s prerogative in his or her last year in office.

If it was Reagan in his last year and a liberal judge had died, would the current Republican majority have an issue? Be careful of what you wish for, karma can bite you.

R.P. Forsberg, Midland

Drilling concern in Southfield

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) is one of the agencies that failed to protect the Flint population from lead-tainted drinking water. Representatives from MDEQ were in the panel for the five-hour long meeting for 1,000 people in Southfield High School regarding an application for oil drilling on land owned by Word of Faith Christian Center in a residential area.

Most people were concerned citizens, who are worried about air pollution with methane, a greenhouse gas 100 times worse than carbon dioxide.

They are even more worried for health risks for people, about shifting in foundations of houses and declining property values. They are concerned about noise from drilling and trucks going back and forth.

Some members from the church did not listen to the citizens’ concerns. With raised voices, they insisted that MDEQ follow the law and give the permit.

Where is the humility, the empathy, the listening and respect for concerned citizens? What do they know about the risks? Our environment is changing, Should we not talk about clean energy and global warming?

Lisbeth Nordstrom-Lerner, Southfield