Family story inspiring

Re: the story in the Feb. 25 Detroit News, “Fearing for my black, transgender child’s life”: I have no connections to, or little knowledge of, the transgender community, but those with the courage of Zeam and the inspiring love of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Porter, go a long way toward admiration and acceptance.

William McMullen, White Lake

Big spenders flock together

Re: The op-ed in the Feb. 23 Detroit News, “Pair of Michigan congressmen back Rubio”: U.S. reps. John Moolenaar and Bill Huizenga do us a favor in their opinion piece.

As advocates for big spending on the military, they help us identify yet another big spender — Marco Rubio.

The base Pentagon budget has gone up and up since 2001. It was $290 billion in 2001 and $576 billion in 2016, according to

Any dips in military spending are due to withdrawing 100,000 U.S. soldiers from Iraq and then almost as many from Afghanistan.

But the base Pentagon budget has either stayed steady or gone up year after year. The U.S. may not have every weapon system these three want. However, at some point you have to ask, “When is enough enough?”

Charles Altman, Royal Oak

Trump’s shameful tactics

One would think the American people would be smart enough not to believe Donald Trump’s outright lie about “pigs blood” in referencing U.S. Army Gen. John Pershing’s assignment in the Philippines Moro Province in 1911.

It was quite disturbing to see the report on CNN where Trump crucifies the proud and honored reputation of a great and late American war hero.

There is no biographical account nor empirical evidence of this outrageous lie told by Donald Trump for purely self-serving political purposes. The false theater of Trump political tactics are malicious and shameful and have no place in this U.S. presidential election cycle.

Trump does our nation’s political process a terrible disservice in fabricating historical lies that distort the valiant reputation of those who have served in the U.S. military such as Pershing and as he did in attacking Vietnam War POW Sen. John McCain.

Kenneth Hreha, Dryden

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