Carson a citizen-statesman

There’s an election coming to our state. From reading and listening to talking heads on news channels, you would think there was nobody worth voting for. But I believe Dr. Ben Carson should get more consideration on March 8.

Carson grew up in a broken home in Detroit. He overcame the culture around him and studied. He was the top ROTC student in Detroit, and then attended Yale. After Yale, he went to University of Michigan Medical School. He became a neurosurgeon and worked at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. He became the youngest director of pediatric neurosurgery at age 33 (administrative experience).

While there, among other surgeries, he led a team of surgeons to pioneer a new procedure to control seizures (solved problems). His resume is bolstered by a truly impressive list of accomplishments, not just job titles.

He has the best kind of experience: real world. Our founders envisioned our government consisting of citizen-statesmen, people who temporarily left their farms, shops and docks to represent their neighbors. Carson would simply follow that tradition.

His economic plan (available in his book “Rx for America” and on his website) has been endorsed by Steve Forbes.

While Carson’s family benefited from social welfare programs, his critics insist he wants to get rid of those same programs. This is not true. He wants to eliminate dependency, not assistance.

He’s far from a perfect politician, but he’s a good candidate and the best choice for a citizen president in 2016.

Matt Jones, Waterford

Governor should step down

As a lifelong Republican it is hard to say it, but Gov. Rick Snyder must resign.

The governor, to his credit, has taken “full responsibility” for the Flint crisis, and responsibility in politics must be followed by political consequence.

A new leader to fix the problem in Flint will remove the political dark clouds from the effort and ultimately get the job done faster for the people of Flint and without political skepticism.

For the good of Flint, the state of Michigan and the Republican Party, governor, please resign.

Jon Etnyre, Sterling Heights

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