Letter: Collaboration can strengthen urban communities

The time has clearly come for cross-sector collaboration in service to social and environmental change. The recent #DetroitRising Summit on Jan. 26 at the Microsoft Innovation Center in Southfield was a perfect example of this approach.

Hosted by Passion in Philanthropy, and supported by partners including Social Progress Imperative, Ashoka Changemakers, Emerging Changemakers, Social Investment Business Group UK, ARUP, and the combination of SOCAP and Neighborhood Economics, the summit brought together some 122 delegates from the private sector, academia, nonprofits, faith groups, philanthropy, government, and social enterprise.

The robustness of the discussions and the volume of viable social innovations demonstrated the value of collaboration between diverse sectors of a society. The community-driven priorities, concerns and suggestions are currently being synthesized. They will be distributed to policymakers, community leaders and investors, and will help inform the Rockefeller Cities Resilience Framework, Social Progress Index framework and the #DetroitRising initiative moving forward.

The greatest achievement of #DetroitRising — more significant even than the value of the ideas generated by it — is the framework that was established to build an equitable social economy in Detroit.

We believe that the #DetroitRising initiative can have a significant impact on the quality and outcome of future collaborations and investments in Detroit, especially in the areas of gentrification, social justice, housing, clean energy, mobility and beyond. More broadly, we know that everyone have an important role to play in the revitalization of urban communities.

In April #DetroitRising will kick off three speaker series to educate the community on Rockefeller City Resilience Framework focusing on four areas: the health and wellbeing of individuals (people); infrastructure & environment (place); economy and society; and leadership and strategy (knowledge)

Alicia Douglas, Passion in Philanthropy