Letters: Readers weigh in on GOP primary

Trump lies unchallenged

Why does the media let Donald Trump's lies go unchallenged? I realize that a lot of candidates are fibbing at least a little. It would be impossible to call everyone on every lie they told.

However, Trump's lying is excessive even for a candidate. I saw where Politifact.com checked Trump's lies and about 75 percent of his statements were lies to one extent or another.

This seems an excessive amount of lies to just ignore, even during an election campaign.

Jon Beasley, Dearborn

Critical of endorsement

Re: The Detroit News’ March 3 editorial “We endorse Ohio Gov John Kasich in GOP vote”: When I was growing up, my parents subscribed for years.

But going back to at least the time you failed to endorse George W. Bush, you're not really a Republican paper anymore.

That you don't really understand Republican thought anymore is obvious. Or why we're voting for Donald Trump.

Richard Sawdon, Clarkston