Letter: End of the teacher certification mill

Re: Our June 20 editorial “Does certification make the teacher?”: The education of Detroit children figures to improve, not decline, as a result of knowledgeable people from the working world being able to come into their classrooms as teachers. The idea of uncertified teachers is not scandalous unless one is scandalized by private school headmasters being able to hire bright people with liberal-arts degrees and/or real-world experience who have not been subjected to public education’s mind-numbing teacher certification mill. Private schools and home schools do just fine academically without mandatory certification.

It is far more important that teachers know the intellectual disciplines they are teaching as opposed to the arcane, usually progressive theories often peddled in the schools of education. Those bastions of pedagogy team with state bureaucracies and teacher unions in running a mill that keeps many able people out of the classrooms. If career-switchers need any tips on classroom management, astute principals can pair them with mentors from the faculty.

Michigan lawmakers ought to consider freeing all schools, not just Detroit’s, from the iron grip of the mill’s gatekeepers.

Robert Holland, senior fellow

Education Policy

The Heartland Institute