Why Hillary Clinton will win Michigan

Brandon Dillon

I cast my first vote for president of the United States in 1992. It was special to me, not only because it was the first time I would be voting for our country’s leader, but also because it felt as though we were making a choice between two candidates with completely different world views.

In that election, one candidate represented the past and the failures of Republican trickle-down economics, and another stood for bold and new leadership, championing a better future for all Americans.

The choice we faced between President Bill Clinton and President George H.W. Bush in 1992 was about which path we would take as a country. After eight successful years under President Clinton, with balanced budgets and millions of private-sector jobs created, it’s clear that Americans made the right choice. And now, after eight years of another successful Democratic presidency — President Barack Obama — the choice we face this Nov. 8 is once again, not only about which path we’ll take as a country, but who we are as a common people.

The contrast between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could not be more clear. Hillary knows that America is already great, and that we can best tackle the challenges we face when we stand together. She, unlike Trump, believes that our best days are still ahead of us. She knows that we must continue to build on the progress we’ve made under President Obama and has a real plan to create more opportunity for all families — not just those at the top.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has done everything in his power to bring out the worst in us. He continues to incite fear and hate in his campaign, preying on the anger and fear of many who feel that they’ve been left behind. Trump believes that the well of the American dream has run dry. He has promised to replenish that well by poisoning it and taking that dream away from those he disparages — immigrants, women, minorities, the disabled, veterans, and every other group of Americans he has managed to insult and demean.

That’s not what America stands for, and that is not who we are as a people. We became a great country by working together and ensuring that everyone who is born here or comes here seeking the promise of a better life has a fair shot. We will become an even greater country by staying true to those principles and working together to build a stronger, better future for all Americans. That is the foundation of every solution and idea that Hillary Clinton has promised and proposed.

Whether it’s continuing to grow our economy and creating good-paying jobs, affordable health care for all, immigration reform with a path to citizenship that keeps families together, an affordable college education that prepares students for the future rather than shackling them with debt, equal pay for equal work, opposing unfair trade deals, increasing the federal minimum wage, or a foreign policy that embraces our allies and projects the strength of our military without emboldening our enemies or putting the men and women of our armed forces in harm’s way, Hillary Clinton has the experience, the temperament, the vision, and the leadership it takes to lead our country.

Conversely, Trump isn’t just opposed to these above-mentioned things — his ideas, his rhetoric and his temperament make him unqualified for the job, unfit to lead and unworthy of our nation’s highest office.

When Michiganians cast their ballots on Election Day, I hope they choose equality over division, opportunity over exclusion, love over hate, hope over fear and Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Brandon Dillon is chair of the Michigan Democratic Party.