Letter: Why doesn’t Mich. GOP denounce Trump?

Re: Greg McNeilly’s Oct. 20 column in The Detroit News, “Why won’t Democrats stand up against sexual violence?”: Greg McNeilly, chairman of the right-wing DeVos family front group Michigan Freedom Fund, wrote about how his organization drafted a pledge asking Democratic Michigan House Representatives to “stand up to and speak out against any elected official caught sexually harassing others, regardless of the lawmaker’s political party, and will demand the resignation of any elected official caught sexually harassing others.”

There is no question that any elected official who sexually harasses or assaults a person should be held accountable and resign. McNeilly’s argument, on the other hand, is sheer hypocrisy.

Dozens of women have accused Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, of sexually assaulting them and ignoring sexual harassment complaints at his companies.

Yet, McNeilly said to MIRS News that he would “proudly” vote for Donald Trump and believes that “he’s a much better option for America than Hillary Clinton.” McNeilly also stated that he believes Trump “has got a better temperament” and that Trump “doesn’t have record of coddling sexual predators.”

At the same time that McNeilly is calling on Democratic Michigan House representatives to stand up against sexual harassment, he is vehemently supporting a man who is the definition of a sexual predator.

What’s more is that there are multiple Michigan Republicans who are also in support of Trump, including Attorney General Bill Schuette, Congressman Mike Bishop, Rep. Brandt Iden, Rep. Tom Barrett and Rep. Holly Hughes. I wonder if they were asked to sign the Michigan Freedom Fund’s pledge.

To call on Michigan representatives to stand up to sexual violence while supporting a candidate for the highest office in the nation who has allegedly committed and perpetuates sexual violence proves that McNeilly doesn’t actually care about stopping sexual assault. His pledge is nothing more than a hollow shell designed only to score political points while making a mockery of every person who has experienced sexual harassment. If McNeilly truly cared about stopping sexual violence he would denounce Trump and call on every elected official who still supports Trump to do the same.

Lonnie Scott

Executive director of Progress Michigan