As one of the 16 Presidential Electors for Michigan, this last week has left me inundated with dozens of emails and Facebook messages from some of the most vile and hypocritical individuals I have ever encountered.

The sheer ignorance expressed by many regarding the outcome of this election and my duties and responsibilities as an Elector compels me to set a few things straight.

First, the effort to convince Electors from Michigan to vote for someone other than Donald Trump is fruitless. Michigan law does not allow “Faithless Electors.” If an Elector were to cast a vote for anyone besides Donald Trump, the vote would be void and the Elector would be replaced. It’s also worth noting that all Electors are chosen to represent their states, not every other state in the union. The people of Michigan were heard loud and clear when they chose, by statewide popular vote (the one that matters), that Donald Trump would receive our electoral votes.

Second, there seems to be some confusion among many as to how our election system actually works. Let’s start here: there is no such thing as a national popular vote. Elections are held at the state level, not the federal level, with each state choosing a statewide popular vote to determine the winner of its electoral votes. To say that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote is a null argument; taking the results of each individual state (which all have different election laws) and combining them into a singular “national popular vote” means nothing.

Talk of abolishing the electoral college and establishing a “national popular vote” is not only ridiculous, but is dangerous to the integrity of our Republic. The electoral college ensures that every person in every state has a voice in presidential elections, not just the states with the largest populations. This year’s election results are an affirmation of the electoral college.

America is a diverse nation, yet Hillary Clinton only won densely populated cities and urban areas. Switching our elections to a national popular vote would guarantee that states not on the east or west coast (most of America) would be left without a voice, and our elections would be decided by densely populated areas that are largely disconnected from much of the rest of the country.

Lastly, I have received death threats and death wishes from many who have the audacity to think they can attempt to intimidate others just because they think they are right. Here’s a wake-up call to some on the left who have been manipulated into harboring deep-seated hatred of those who have a different opinion than them: it is this hubris that cost you this election. Check your hate at the door.

Come join us when you’re ready, it’s a team effort and everyone is welcome.

Michael Banerian is a Presidential Elector for Michigan and youth vice chair for the Michigan Republican Party.

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