Letter: Trump will be president. Accept it

I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I campaigned for Hillary Clinton in this presidential campaign and was — like much of America — shocked, disappointed, and frustrated that Trump was elected president.

Now that the voters have spoken, Trump will become my president as well as the president for the rest of the nation. The protests and acts of violence which have occurred in the aftermath of the election will not change the result.

President Barack Obama and Clinton have reminded Americans that our system of democracy has worked, and that we must all ensure President-elect Trump and the nation that the transfer of power will be a seamless transition.

Leaders within our country have encouraged us to “give Trump a chance.” But it is not about giving the president-elect a chance; it’s about respecting our democratic process and now rallying ourselves around our elected leader.

To be sure, there were a number of controversial things said and done during what was one of the most vicious presidential campaigns in American history. And Trump’s campaign focused on issues that tear at our hearts, whether it is immigration reform, Roe v. Wade, national security, and the economy.

Like it or not, Trump will become our president, and if we truly value the principles upon which our nation was founded and has grown, it is incumbent upon all of us to do our part to make his administration a success.

This does not mean we compromise or sacrifice our political views and values, however it does mean we conduct ourselves in a manner which demonstrates we are the United States of America.

We must not allow the remnants of a divisive election devolve us into a hostile, divided nation. Time will determine whether Trump will have a successful tenure as president, and he should be judged based upon whether his agenda makes us a better, stronger nation.

Time will also determine whether we the people did our part to respect the office, and the office holder as he and his team set the course of America’s destiny for the next four years. The clock starts ticking with our acceptance of the voters’ choice for president of the United States.

Keith Johnson, retired president

Detroit Federation of Teachers