Letters: Readers debate Obamacare’s future


We applaud Gov. Rick Snyder’s advocacy for preserving the expanded Medicaid program — Healthy Michigan — during the debate over whether and how to repeal the Affordable Care Act (“Snyder fights for Medicaid plan in Obamacare repeal,” Jan. 4). Healthy Michigan is critical to maintaining an effective health care safety net in Michigan.

We have demonstrated, through aggressive outreach and enrollment practices, that we could exceed expectations for enrolling the uninsured in Healthy Michigan. People need to continue using primary care medical homes for their routine and chronic care needs. Health behavior doesn’t change quickly.

It’s time for all health care agencies who profess a commitment to the underserved population in Michigan to support Snyder in his efforts to preserve the federal expanded Medicaid program, which funds Healthy Michigan.

Chris Allen, president and CEO

Authority Health

As a self-employed musician and social worker, the Affordable Care Act has given me access to quality health insurance for the first time in my adult life. This has provided a great deal of assurance in knowing that a medical emergency would not put me in bankruptcy.

At the same time it has encouraged me to be proactive in seeking preventative care, helping me to stay healthy. I love my Obamacare. Yet Republican lawmakers are determined to repeal the ACA with no replacement, leaving tens of millions of Americans, most of whom are low-income and poor, with no health insurance. This is neither the wise nor compassionate direction to take as a country.

Joe Reilly, Ann Arbor

Barack Obama was just beside himself that the American voters could have elected Donald Trump as his successor. After all, Obama told the voters that he would consider it “an insult to his legacy” if they did not vote for Hillary Clinton and a continuation of Obama’s policies. Just to set the record straight, most of Obama’s policies have been abject failures — Obamacare (the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people), open borders, a disastrous foreign policy, and a tsunami of crushing regulations on American businesses.

The good news is that Obama has exited the White House.

Randy Kniebes, Brighton