Letters: Readers explain Trump voters

Re: Nolan Finley’s Jan. 29 column, “We still don’t get Trump voters”: The election showed the weakness of the media’s observational and analytical prowess. Most coverage of the Women’s March/March for Life shows the weakness remains. When the versatility and accuracy of the media are questionable, why would anyone trust the media for anything other than sports scores? Many organizations and companies have ignored what the public truly wanted, to their detriment. I hope the media would shake off its myopia for its own good and the good of the public.

Alan J. Wahnefried, Troy

The problem is that we have put into power a president who does not offer solutions that lift all boats. Instead we have a president who wants to profit one group over another. A president who sees success by building walls, disrupting commerce, denying entry, removing safety nets, and puffing up his feathers through tweets. The man himself is the obstacle preventing the country from looking at solutions that address concerns across the hinterland. It is hard to look past the disruptions.

Ron Perkins, Northville

President Trump was not my first choice but by November he was the only choice. Conservatives don’t get why the liberals don’t get it. We are tired of having our country denigrated, the Constitution trampled upon, our safety put at risk, unacceptable (to us) laws and policies shoved down our throats. We were tired of Obama’s “phone and pen” end-run around Congress. We have no fondness for kings.

Marilyn Zmudzinski, Harrietta

The media does not understand that 49.9 percent of the voters are getting exactly what they asked for when voting for Trump. They and the other 50.1 percent can’t get over the fact the world does not turn around them. The media continually publicizing the opinions of people like Michael Moore, Madonna and Roseanne Barr tells any semi-intelligent person how off base they are.

Don Gressler, Brighton

I know that all of my friends and neighbors voted for Trump and all supported him. Why? Even with all of his flaws he seemed to get that freedom and a constitutional republic are a great form of government. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that both Republicans and Democrats are about as corrupt as they have ever been and have no interest in preserving a free, independent nation.

Mark Craig, Grosse Pointe