Letter: Why I support Senator Sessions

As a sheriff, I support a nation of safer streets, the prosecution of criminals and officials who support the Constitution. Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions has shown that he possesses these same values and beliefs.

I understand firsthand that being in law enforcement is more challenging today than at any point in our history. Administrative and/or bureaucratic barriers often block us from performing our duties effectively, which can place both deputies and officers and the public we serve at risk. Sessions has advocated for better coordination between local and federal law enforcement agencies and the intelligence community. This is exactly the type of leadership we need at the U.S. Justice Department. This type of leadership was essentially nonexistent under the former administration.

Local law enforcement deputies and officers need the support of the community as well as the local, state and federal administrators, to ensure they can adequately keep the public and themselves safe from criminal activity. Sessions has a history of keeping Americans safe.

Sessions has gone after drug cartels and has been a proponent of securing our borders and banning criminals that put our communities and our country at risk. And Sessions is a dedicated law enforcer with a proven track history and he is an excellent choice for attorney general. I am honored to support him.

Sheriff Michael J. Murphy, Howell