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Hoekstra: Beware of the new ‘resistance’

Pete Hoekstra

When you see an iceberg, only 10 percent of its mass is visible. The remaining 90 percent is hidden under the water. That’s exactly what is happening when one views the General Michael Flynn resignation. It’s an iceberg. Only 10 percent of the story is visible.

The real story of Flynn’s departure is hidden. But what is the rest of the story? Did he mislead Vice President Mike Pence? Was he under investigation by the FBI? If so, what for? Is it true that intelligence officials leaked highly compartmentalized and sensitive classified information to the media? Were the “leakers” some of the highest-ranking members of President Obama’s administration? Was this a covert operation to take down the Trump administration?

These are all very interesting questions. Some demand answers. But there is another question that needs to be asked. Is Flynn’s takedown intended to distract the public from what the “resistance,” formerly known as the Democratic Party and others, is doing to derail the early days of the Trump administration?

It’s time to move past the events the resistance employed to destroy Flynn. Flynn is a decent and respectable man who served his country faithfully. He deserved the honor and privilege of serving this commander in chief. It is disappointing that it will not happen.

The bigger issue is the resistance expending the Flynn situation as a smoke screen to hide its all-out efforts to destroy the Trump administration in its infancy.

The examples are myriad. After 28 days in office, multiple cabinet positions remain vacant. The resistance is repeatedly demanding 30 hours of debate on potential nominees before a vote can be taken. This means the Senate can consume more weeks of precious time before the full cabinet is finally approved.

The resistance is alive and well in the Senate, and it is also alive and well in the media. It continues to actively produce fake news. The AP recently announced “breaking news.” Trump’s administration was considering a proposal to mobilize 100,000 National Guardsman to round up, through raids, potentially millions of illegal aliens. It was an unprecedented military mobilization.

That was false. The AP article was a based off an unseen “draft memo” written more than three weeks ago. Never mind that the administration had already implemented its border and immigration executive actions. The National Guard was never part of it.

Leaders of the resistance received this breaking news as fact and enhanced the story by criticizing and highlighting how un-American it was.

Resistance means “the refusal to accept or comply with something.” It is no surprise that those who oppose President Trump have decided to name themselves the resistance. They refuse to accept or comply with the results of the recent election and will do almost anything to stall the new administration’s agenda.

It is time for the resistance to transform itself into the loyal opposition. Loyal to America, the American people and to the results of the 2016 presidential election.

In our political system, checks and balances were built into the system to limit the power of the executive branch and of the majority party in Congress. Compromise has always been how things got done.

America faces many challenges domestically and internationally. Washington needs to govern and stop resisting. The American people spoke on Nov. 8 and will have that opportunity again in roughly 20 months. Until then, let’s hope Washington works to serve the needs of the American people, and not itself.

Pete Hoekstra is the Shillman Senior Fellow at the Investigative Project on Terrorism and the former chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee.