Letters: Readers weigh in on Ivanka Trump


I recall reading an article about Ivanka Trump’s encounter with a rude passenger on a recent Jet Blue flight. Imagine my surprise after reading Nolan Finley’s column (Re: “Left bites Ivanka’s liberal hand,” Feb. 12) about Ivanka and her children being “shouted off a commercial flight by rude, self-righteous wackos.” In truth, the rude passenger and his husband were removed — the exact opposite of the event portrayed in Finley’s editorial.

This is the statement from Jet Blue regarding the incident: “The decision to remove a customer from a flight is not taken lightly...in this instance, our team worked to re-accommodate the party on the next available flight.”

It should be noted that Ivanka reportedly handled the incident with grace and class.

Jim Kelly, South Lyon

Nolan Finley suggests that liberals should buy Ivanka Trump’s fashions because she and her husband encouraged her father to be less harsh on the LGBT community. Does she need to be bribed to do the honorable thing?

The conflicts of interest in that family are mind-boggling. Anyone, liberal or conservative, should not buy anything or stay anywhere with the Trump brand. The best way to drain that swamp is to prevent Trump and his clan from profiting from their positions in the White House.

Linda Lilly, Ann Arbor

Nolan Finley makes a good point that the political left may be overplaying its hand in opposing “all things Trump,” and he notes correctly that some have called for a boycott, but Nordstrom cited “poor sales performance,” and not that their decision was based on demands that “the upscale retailer rid the clothing from its racks, or face boycott.”

It seems the rhetoric is a bit over the top from both sides of the political spectrum.

Jim Robert, Plymouth