Former Vice President Pence filing paperwork launching 2024 presidential bid in challenge to Trump

Letter: Save Great Lakes, reject Trump budget


Regarding “Trump cuts target Great Lakes, Mich. programs,” I am deeply concerned about what the proposed Trump budget would mean for clean water here in Michigan.

The Great Lakes are vital to our ecology, our health and our way of life here in Michigan. Federal EPA funding has been critical in helping the Great Lakes address major challenges — including the Asian carp threat and algal blooms. Yet, the Trump administration’s budget would drastically cut funding to address these problems, and would mean less environmental cops on the beat to go after polluters.

As the article mentions, this budget virtually eliminates funding for the Great Lakes restoration, which is vital in maintaining our clean water.

Sens. Peters and Stabenow should reject this budget. The Great Lakes comes in dead last in this so-called “America First” budget. Let’s get a budget that helps us secure clean water for all Michiganians.

Misbah Arshad, Canton