It’s National Pollinator Week, a week dedicated to celebrating bees and other pollinators that make our foods, farms and flowers possible. And we need to do more to protect these pollinators.

Environment Michigan launched the Bee Friendly Food Alliance to unite chefs and restaurant owners in Michigan and across the country to save the bees. After all, who knows better than chefs and restaurateurs: no bees means no food.

Bees pollinate many of the foods we enjoy, everything from strawberries to avocados. In Michigan, locally grown apples are pollinated by bees. Unfortunately, bees are dying off at alarming rates with significant consequences for our environment and our food supply.

From pie shops to fine dining establishments, chefs and restaurants are hard at work this Pollinator Week raising awareness and educating customers about the vital role that bees play for our food supply and the need to save them.

Saumya Shruti, campaign coordinator

Environment Michigan

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