Letter: Trump is who we needed

Nolan Finley’s opinion that Americans vote into office an “insider” again “(Give us back the political insiders—please,” July 16) is based on frustration and a typical reaction to a president who is different and is not accepting of the usual political lack of action and same old, same old. Trump is just what we needed. We have too many “insiders” and not enough like him. He has awakened the grassroots and we’ve only just begun. Our government is corrupt, our wasteful spending is way out of hand and our former president was not following our laws.

I would argue that Trump’s administration is very much in control and that frightens the status quo, which you are more comfortable with. In seven months a great number of regulations have been rolled back, freeing small business owners to grow. The U.S. is going to once again export energy to Poland and others, due to Trump’s energy deregulation. Veterans Affairs can now update to electronic medical records and fire people who are not doing their jobs.

The U.S. will not have to hand over billions of dollars in a Paris Accord which would have punished the U.S. and transferred our tax dollars to underdeveloped countries who would cut pollution when and if they felt like it. Farmers will be able to export beef again, and for the first time the White House is working on the human trafficking problem. Do we hear about this from the mainstream media? No, but so many positive things are happening. I urge you and every American to look for themselves at all that is improving starting with www.whitehouse.gov.

Read the facts and don’t let your opinions be swayed by the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC who have an obvious agenda which is anti-President Trump and anti-American values.

Cara McAlister, Bloomfield Hills

precinct delegate, member

Michigan Trump Republicans