Letters: Readers on tax cuts, Line 5


Michigan AFL-CIO President Ron Bieber overlooks one of the best and most direct policies to help Michigan small businesses and employees: Tax cuts.

Significant middle-class and small business tax cuts – as proposed by President Trump and congressional Republicans – would provide workers with an immediate boost in their take-home pay and address one of small business owners’ biggest burdens: Overtaxation.

Beyond the bump in take-home pay, tax cuts would also help workers because most small businesses would redirect part of their tax savings as wage hikes, according to a new nationwide poll of small business owners conducted by the Job Creators Network.

Helping Michigan small businesses and the people they employ is a worthy goal. Let’s not overcomplicate it. Tax cuts are the simplest and most proven way to achieve Bieber’s objective.

Jimmy Greene

Associated Builders and Contractors, Michigan Chapter

I respect my fellow Michiganians’ concerns about the Line 5 pipeline, but I think the facts of the new report will lead to a better informed and more level-headed discussion.

Pipelines have already proven to be a safe and reliable source of transporting energy in Michigan, and as the report points out, the removal of this pipeline would damage our source of inexpensive energy. Without Enbridge Line 5, prices for gasoline products would rise across the state. Lower Peninsula producers would face additional cost of $2.40 per barrel to get their product to market, according to the report. Meanwhile, the report also says propane users in the Upper Peninsula could face price increases in the range of 10 to 25 cents a gallon.

Our standard of living is reliant on an affordable source of energy to provide our businesses and homes with fuel, heating and electricity. We need policies that protect our way of life, and recognize the importance of pipelines, like Line 5, in maintaining the lifestyle we currently enjoy in Michigan.

Michiganians need to tell their elected officials that we support pipelines, including Line 5, and to continue the development of energy infrastructure here at home.

Greg Fogleman, Waterford