Steel industry ready to deliver on infrastructure


Infrastructure enables the movement of goods and services, provides access to education and jobs, and promotes a healthy and competitive global economy which is essential for the steel industry’s survival. However, experts at the American Society of Civil Engineers have rated our nation’s infrastructure as aging, poor and at risk. Quality investments in infrastructure have severely lagged behind needs, and can no longer be deferred as deterioration and inflation continue to increase.

President Trump has promised a trillion dollar investment over 10 years that would cover a broad range of infrastructure sectors, including transportation, energy and water. Congress now needs to set aside partisanship and help America fulfill this promise. In addition, through tax reform legislation or another measure, Congress needs to propose a long-term solution for the chronically deficient Highway Trust Fund (HTF) that pays for the vast majority of transportation infrastructure. The revenue it collects from fuel taxes has long been insufficient to meet economic demands and the HTF is predicted to once again face revenue shortfalls in FY 2020.

The steel workers of Michigan deserve no less than the very best in infrastructure, and the steel industry supply chain stands ready to deliver. We urge members of Congress to support smart and strong investments toward constructing a modern and reliable infrastructure network that will create jobs, reduce congestion and increase efficiencies.

Thomas Gibson

president and CEO,

American Iron and Steel Institute