When Gov. Rick Snyder and I took office in 2011, Michigan’s tax code had been holding our state back for decades. We needed to make a major change to jump-start our economy and create an environment for job growth.

I’m proud to have led the efforts to overhaul Michigan’s tax code, dumping the old system in favor of a simple, fair and efficient tax code. Those changes have made Michigan the Comeback State, with more than 500,000 private-sector jobs created and an economy that is continuing to grow year after year. While we have seen significant success from the reforms we have made to Michigan’s tax system, it’s time to do the same on the federal level.

Our federal tax code is confusing, inefficient and creates too many barriers to economic growth. Americans deserve better, and that’s why I’m pleased that President Donald Trump and Congress are prioritizing tax reform in Washington. We haven’t seen real federal tax reform for way too long, and it’s time for bold change. The reform plan President Trump unveiled last month will be a game changer for all Americans. We know its principles are sound because of our experience here in Michigan. A simple, fair and efficient tax code will go a long way for everyone.

It is important that the tax code provide for a competitive playing field for all businesses while encouraging economic growth in the U.S. When American companies have a level playing field, they win. It is also important that Americans will spend less time doing their taxes and keep more money in their pockets. A simpler, shorter form is common sense and puts an end to picking winners and losers. The proposed changes are estimated to increase the average household family income by $4,000 a year.

Comprehensive tax relief will change the lives of Americans, creating jobs and taking our nation’s competitive advantage to the next level. Trump and his administration are taking bold action, and I look forward to working with him to bring meaningful change to our tax system, just like we did here in Michigan. I encourage Congress to take swift action on this plan that will benefit all Americans.

Brian Calley is lieutenant governor of Michigan.

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