Letter: Student defends virtual school

The Detroit News

This letter is in response to the views recently shared in “Cyber charters are a failed experiment,” Nov. 15. Rather than a failed experiment, online school has been the ideal place for me to focus on what is important: my education. More than that, it has allowed me to be myself, and introduced me to ways I can help others.

Before I enrolled at Michigan Virtual Charter Academy (MVCA), I attended brick and mortar public schools. I was doing well, but I didn’t feel academically challenged, and I didn’t really feel comfortable. I felt like there were expectations going into high school that girls are supposed to act certain ways that weren’t me. I wanted to find a school setting that would encourage me to be myself, and that would let me focus on learning. Three years ago I enrolled at MVCA.

Online school has been a great place for me to excel academically. MVCA’s online curriculum is engaging and challenging. I can study topics that are teaching me everything I need to prepare for college, while becoming an engaged citizen of the world. After high school I hope to study law and international diplomacy. My dream job is to one day work for the United Nations.

It was because of online school that I was inspired to start the Houghton chapter of Girl Up, an international organization working in support of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal of providing a quality education for all. We raise funds and awareness for girls in developing countries who are not guaranteed the education options we are given. We’re helping others, and we’re building our own life and career skills here at home.

This all came into focus for me when I started taking online classes, because I wasn’t pressured by social expectations of how I “should” be. At MVCA I can just be myself, prepare for my future, and know that I am making a positive impact on my community and the world.

Ganna Omar

Michigan Virtual Charter Academy