U.S. should support Israel

Nolan Finley is absolutely right (“U.S. embassy belongs in Jerusalem,” Dec. 10).

Israel, like any other country, has the right to designate her own capital. And, should the Palestinians ever truly make peace, Israel has the right to come to terms with them concerning any possible shared governance arrangement.

I agree with Mr. Finley that President Trump is sending a message to the Palestinians; we will no longer let them control the situation by refusing to negotiate, inciting violence, and diverting aid money to their attempt to destroy Israel.

It is certainly not unreasonable for Israel to expect that the signing of a peace treaty would end the conflict, that descendants of Arabs who fled Arab-initiated wars against Israel would become citizens of the Palestinian state (just as Israel absorbed and uplifted Jews expelled from Muslim countries), and that the Palestinian state would cease spewing anti-Jewish invective and turn to preparing its people to co-exist, peaceably, with the nation-state of the Jews in the Jews’ ancestral homeland.

Toby F. Block


Organic label decision harms consumers

The Trump administration’s USDA has decided to withdraw a regulation that would have ensured basic animal welfare standards in organic agriculture.

If a product has the USDA’s “certified organic” label, consumers could have rest assured at least some minimal animal welfare standards were in place.

As consumers become more aware of the lives of animals on concentrated animal feeding operations (i.e. factory farms), they are demanding higher animal welfare standards for their meat.

Tens of thousands of public comments were made to the USDA in support of the regulation during the rulemaking process. Withdrawing the regulation is just another handout by the Trump administration to big business.

The USDA’s decision will harm consumers who trust the USDA organic label. It will harm organic farmers who are doing the right thing.

We need to contact the USDA, President Trump, and our members of Congress to express disappointment in withdrawing this regulation.

William McMullin

Royal Oak

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