Readers’ views on Senate run, vaccines

Republicans who back Trump a no-go

I read your column regarding John James (Ingrid Jacques: “Will GOP rally to oust Stabenow?” Jan. 5). I would love to see Stabenow unseated and I’m looking for a Republican I can back. Then I read further in the piece that John James, like Robert Young, supports Donald Trump. When I hear of a candidate backing Trump, that person is immediately removed from consideration as a person who would get my vote. When will the Republicans have the courage and sense to criticize Trump for what he is, a moronic blowhard that has no idea what he is doing?

With my extensive background in psychiatry the only question for me is whether Trump is extremely neurotic or indeed psychotic. He refuses to accept the truth and makes things up to suit his own egotistical needs. This lends itself to neurosis. But he also refuses to believe facts despite evidence supporting those facts. This leads me to believe he is delusional. He strikes me as a child that is longing for acceptance. And he’ll do anything to boost his ego. It almost makes me feel sorry for him. He is so irrational that I believe he doesn’t have any grip on reality.

This is not the type of person we should have in the White House. I will never vote for a Republican that backs Trump. I’ll either not vote or write in a name as I did in 2016. I do wish the Republicans would save me from having to make this choice.

Steve Loudon

Sterling Heights

Get both sides of vaccine debate

Concerning The Detroit News editorial, “Want a vaccine waiver? Know the risks first,” Dec. 27, there do exist counterpoints for every parent to know the risks first when deciding whether or not to vaccinate their child(ren). Two sources would be “Saying no to vaccines” by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and “Children Vaccinations” by Dr. Stephanie Cave.

Why no discussion about the concerns parents have about vaccines? Why no discussions about what’s in a vaccine (besides the vaccine itself)? Can any study be provided by the Federal Drug Agency or the Centers for Disease Control that state how testing of the vaccines was performed, and found to be safe? Readers deserve both sides.

James Tilton

Cedar Springs