I’m a Spartan. I have a Spartan phone case. My daughter’s room is Spartan themed. I went to the 2000 NCAA men’s basketball championship and the 2014 Rose Bowl. I have tickets for this year’s Final Four. My water bottle is green. I pick the green spoon at the self-serve yogurt shop. I’m so damn proud to be a Spartan that it’s part of my everyday identity for all to see.

While I remain proud to be a part of the global Spartan family, I’m ashamed of the institution that allowed despicable abuses to go on for so long; to go on at all.

Had Lou Anna Simon “shown up” when allegations were first made, we would be having a different conversation now. She should have listened first-hand to the serious criminal allegations levied against MSU, lawyers be damned. Perhaps Nassar’s earliest victims who were brave enough to come forward would have felt heard and supported instead of ignored and insulted. More importantly, perhaps early investigation and intervention would have prevented further abuses and saved so many more young girls from this unrepentant, unapologetic and inappropriately protected monster.

Since neither Simon nor anyone one from her administration or the MSU Board of Trustees showed up then, their efforts to do so now are too late. Too many girls were hurt. Too many girls were ignored. Too many adults stood down, or worse, shielded a known predator.

Since people showed up too late at MSU, they must leave, resign, step down or whatever so we can truly usher in a new era; one in which alumni can be proud of all aspects of MSU, especially its basic humanity.

Linda Aubuchon

Shelby Township

As a once-proud alumnus of MSU I implore The Detroit News to keep investigating and exposing the coverup that enabled the monstrous acts of Larry Nassar to continue for 20-plus years.

The fact that the university’s trustees had the audacity to give the university’s president a vote of confidence (shortly before Lou Ann Simon’s resignation) demonstrates the outrageous arrogance that permeates the administration. I can only hope that criminal charges will be filed against those whose silence resulted in abuse. Sparty nation, such as it is these days, hangs its head in shame.

Nick Linsalata

Journalism, MSU class of ‘83

Royersford, Pennsylvania

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