Readers’ views on gun violence

The Detroit News

Nolan Finley asks why the Florida school shooter wasn’t stopped. The answer is simple. We continually refuse to acknowledge the disease, and are only willing to argue about how to deal with its symptoms.

Readers offer ideas for stopping mass shootings.

But when we purposefully and intentionally jettison God from the public arena, is it any wonder that the idea of humans uniquely created in God’s image, and all that that should mean, no longer carries much relevance? Unless and until we recognize the disease, as well as the only solution to that condition, arguments about the definition of an assault rifle, magazine-size limits, or improvements to databases and background checks will do little to stop the tragic headlines.

Paul Doveinis

Sterling Heights

The Michigan Coalition for Human Rights (MCHR) supports the courageous efforts of young students throughout the country who are mobilizing and marching.

MCHR supports them as they engage in non-violent protests in Washington and other major cities -- insisting that lawmakers pass stronger gun control laws and take other measures to protect them from gun violence in their schools.

The shooting in Parkland, Fla. was the eighth in U.S. schools resulting in injury or death -- in just the first seven weeks of 2018.

These shootings are not only killing and physically injuring our children, they are also causing permanent psychological damage. Adults have failed in their efforts to persuade U.S. Congress to pass stronger gun control laws.

MCHR applauds our children for their willingness to step up and have their voices heard.

Cary McGehee

chair, Michigan Coalition for Human Rights

Terror struck once again in a school. The anti-gunners once again are saying this has to stop, we must get rid of guns, the National Rife Association and the Republicans are at fault.

Nikolas Cruz should have never been allowed to have a firearm. He was a mental case. Teachers and fellow students have stated this. The FBI was made aware of his mental state and threats but did nothing, which is also the case in other mass shootings, Boston and Fort Hood just to mention two. This madness must stop, but gun control is not the answer.

Joe Pilchak

Capac, Mich.