Bloomfield Hills schools don’t need money

The Bloomfield Hills school district does not have a comprehensive plan for school facilities. Over the past decade, we’ve used sinking funds to renovate school buildings, only to have them demolished. The remains of Lahser High are still populated and operating, while no plan to sell or otherwise utilize the property has been made public.

We’ve lost half our high schools and one-third of elementary schools, and yet, the district wants more money for facilities. The single-issue May ballot is simply a sneaky way to impose additional taxes on property owners who are less likely to participate in, or even know about the vote. This is the opposite of transparency. I’d like to see more respect for taxpayers.

Jenny Greenwell

Bloomfield Hills

Janus and unions both deserve freedom

I agree that Mark Janus should be allowed his right to free speech (“Public workers have free speech rights, too,” Feb. 27). He should be able to separately negotiate his pay and working conditions and not be allowed to benefit from the union’s negotiations. He should have the freedom to defend himself in disciplinary actions and the union shouldn’t be forced to defend him as they are now.

So it follows that it is wrong that the union is being forced to extend the benefits of their negotiating efforts and being forced to defend him in disciplinary actions. It is no less than representation without compensation.

Pat Flannery


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