According to some of the alleged smartest minds in America’s political media, it was an open question as to whether the country could actually survive having Donald Trump anywhere near the White House.

The craziness of having someone so unpredictable setting the nation’s course was just going to be too much to take.

Scores of political commentators and reporters that routinely masquerade as commentators predicted there would be economic Armageddon.

Other esteemed members of the political press were even more frantic about nuclear war, which some believed would be instantly set off following an erratic Trump tweet aimed at North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

In short, the consensus reached in the political chattering class was that with President Trump calling the shots, dark days in America were inevitable.

The stock market was destined to completely crash, recession wouldn’t end, jobs would hemorrhage out of the economy at unimaginable rates, and America’s enemies — emboldened like never before — would carry out an intercontinental ballistic missile strike on the west coast.

The Trump era was going to be calamitous. The craziness of it all was going prove deadly.

Interestingly enough, America’s political reporters and commentators haven’t been entirely wrong.

The happenings going on throughout the nation are definitely crazy.

But, to the dismay of those operating daily and nightly in America’s political media echo chamber, the craziness occurring is nothing like those that have been creating narratives in newsrooms and on the cable networks ever thought possible.

Despite all the economic doomsday predictions, stock market indexes during the Trump presidency have reached and continue to remain at all-time high record levels.

Consumer confidence has soared to levels not seen in almost two decades.

Economic growth — the indicator that plagued the Obama presidency throughout its duration — is averaging three percent and projected to rise with Trump setting and influencing policy.

On the jobs front, more Americans are working now — some 155 million — than at any point in history.

The unemployment rate has reached and remains at an all-time low.

In terms of job creation, more than 300,000 were just created during the last reported month in an economy still relatively in the early stages of firing on all cylinders, due in large part to Trump’s major legislative tax reform win and laser-like focus on cutting burdensome government regulations.

What about the communist tyrant murderer in North Korea — the one that’s been regularly threatening the U.S. for years with talk of carrying out a nuclear first strike — who Trump unmercifully mocked over social media and declared to be on a fast-track suicide mission of his own making?

At last check, Kim Jong Un was in the initial stages of begging the president for a nuclear deal in order to stave off his regime’s annihilation.

The reclusive hermit state dictator, who no supposed foreign policy expert could ever seem to quite figure out, has even gone so far as to put complete disarmament on the table heading into scheduled negotiations with President Trump slated for May.

If Trump’s truly crazy, crazy has really never worked so well.

Just don’t expect the political pros to start conceding that anytime soon.

John Sitkiewicz is a Metro Detroit freelance writer.

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