Letter: Schuette has true conservative record


Can a Republican who helped Jennifer Granholm craft the job-killing Michigan Business Tax, helped Barack Obama implement Obamacare, and helped Hillary Clinton in the last election win the Republican nomination for governor? Brian Calley would like people to think so because Calley supported all these liberal policies. This Republican primary for Governor isn’t about inevitability, as a recent column claimed. This Republican primary is about which candidate has supported conservative policies.

Calley was a part of the work group that helped craft the Michigan Business Tax, and applauded the MBT at the bill signing standing right next to Governor Granholm.

Calley also supported the Medicaid Expansion and the exchange in Michigan that led to Obamacare. When opponents tried to prevent Obamacare from coming to Michigan, Calley fought them and called Michigan’s implementation of Obamacare “the most conservative option”.

Calley also supported a number of tax increases including a gas tax increase, a sales tax increase, a pension tax increase, and several other tax increases. Auto insurance rates are the highest in the nation, and Calley has not done anything to address these skyrocketing rates.

On the contrary, Attorney General Bill Schuette has opposed the policies of the Michigan Business Tax and is trying to peel back the increased income tax left over by Calley and Jennifer Granholm.

Schuette also fought Obamacare tooth and nail. He opposed all those tax and fee increases that Calley supported. That’s why Schuette has signed the Americans for Tax Reform no-tax pledge and Calley cannot. He cannot commit to not raising taxes because Calley’s answer to every problem in Michigan seems to be raising taxes.

Schuette also has a solid jobs plan including workforce education, a plan to help educate children in Michigan, and will help reduce taxes in Michigan. This not about inevitability. This is about the fact that Schuette is clearly the strongest candidate and conservative running for governor.

Stu Sandler

Republican political consultant