Column: Tax cuts creating Michigan jobs

Bill Schuette

Last December, President Trump and the Republican members of Michigan’s congressional delegation gave America an early Christmas gift by passing a historic tax cut bill. This Saturday, the president will come to Macomb County to highlight one of the most significant accomplishments of his America First agenda.

As a result of Trump’s tax cuts, Chrysler announced a new $1 billion investment in Michigan that will bring home 2,500 jobs from Mexico to the Warren Truck Plant to build more Ram pickups. In addition, Chrysler provided its entire U.S. workforce with $2,000 bonuses.

While House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi mocked the Trump tax cuts as mere crumbs, the reality is hard-working families across our state are keeping more of their money and Michigan businesses are investing in new factories and better-paying jobs. According to the Institute for Supply Management, under Trump’s leadership manufacturing in the United States is expanding at its fastest pace in 14 years. As evidenced by the new investment in the Warren Truck Plant, Michigan employers are benefiting from this Trump manufacturing boom. I am also heartened to see that middle-class families are receiving a long overdue boost in their paychecks. Thanks to the new tax cut, a working mom and dad in Michigan earning $75,000 a year will save $2,000 a year.

I am proud to be endorsed by President Trump and Vice President Pence. I look forward to welcoming the president to Macomb County on Saturday, and as Michigan’s next governor, I intend to follow his lead and cut taxes in Lansing. It’s hard to believe, but working men and women in our state are still being punished by former Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s income tax hike. This tax increase was supposed to be temporary. Sadly, it’s become a permanent fact of life for taxpayers who have sent $8 billion more of their paychecks to Lansing because the politicians refused to keep their word. I believe the continuation of Granholm’s income tax hike is a big reason our state is still 250,000 lost jobs in the hole from when the Lost Decade began. We need to get those jobs back and it starts by cutting your taxes.

As Michigan’s next governor, my priority will be to eliminate the Granholm income tax hike. This is a 10 percent tax cut that will allow working families to keep more of their money and empower Michigan businesses to create more jobs. As I talk to construction workers, electricians, small business owners and folks who punch a clock at factories, I hear time and again that Michigan needs more jobs that pay more. Our economy is growing and doing better, but too many hard-working, honest people are still living paycheck to paycheck. I’m driven to make Michigan the growth state, the paycheck state, the jobs state, and my paycheck agenda will make it possible.

Trump has proven that cutting taxes benefits Michigan families. The liberal naysayers like governor candidate Gretchen Whitmer and her fellow Granholm apologists in the Democratic Party will deny it, but we have living proof in Macomb County. During Granholm’s governorship, when auto factories were closing, and General Motors and Chrysler were going through bankruptcy, many pundits thought the best days of our auto industry were behind us.

Now, under Trump, we have assembly line jobs coming back to Michigan from Mexico and a manufacturing sector on the rise. It’s time to build on this momentum with a conservative governor who is committed to cutting taxes, and making Michigan the national leader in job creation and income growth. That is my focus, my motivation and the reason I hope to have the honor of serving as your governor.

Bill Schuette is attorney general of Michigan and a Republican candidate for governor.