Letter: Readers on health care, governor’s race

Don’t reduce health care for vulnerable

Efforts to create a law limiting access to the Healthy Michigan Medicaid program, as suggested in a recent editorial, is of great concern to organizations like ours, which are committed to ensuring access to health services for all as a foundation for promoting health equity in our communities.

Employment and educational attainment are values we espouse and believe are essential determinants of health. However, punitive tools designed to exclude those who have been chronically unemployed or disconnected to the education system misdirected, if not malicious.

If work and educational requirements are deemed necessary, we strongly recommend that community engagement, increased job readiness resources and educational counseling be included as part of the package.

Chris Allen

Authority Health

Candidates must first be ethical

In “Calley, Schuette--knock it off” (Apr. 22), Nolan Finley states, “I put the onus for ending this juvenile brawling on the GOP funders.” Rather, the first test of a candidate’s leadership is establishing ethical and policy positions, and then instructing his team to manage the campaign within these bounds, or else.

Today, almost all candidates delegate campaign ads to campaign managers and advertising agencies who tell them gutter-diving is what’s necessary to get elected; do it, or lose. Such advisers exercise far too much power, and if the candidate can’t rein them in, they don’t deserve to be elected. The elected officials we desperately need are those who are willing to lose an election to maintain their ethical principles.

Thomas M. Doran