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Readers on women candidates, taxes

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Talk about conservative female candidates

In “This fall’s female factor,” Apr. 26, Kaitlyn Buss is to be congratulated for her open-minded statement that “it’s candidates’ thoughts on governance, not their gender, that will earn them my vote.”

But her commitment to that statement is called into question when the article only mentions women candidates who are Democrats. If she really believed in that statement then why ignore the Republican women who are running, like Lena Epstein, a successful businesswoman who supports life, limited government, the 2nd Amendment, and Donald Trump’s attempts to make america great again?

Phil Seamon


Vote no on Macomb College tax increase

Macomb Community College (MCC) politicians are trying to sneak a massive, 20-year property tax increase of $38 million a year on the May 8 ballot.

Technology is making college building teaching obsolete. Online 24-hour a day customized classes are an alternative to expensive, outdated, underutilized brick classrooms. The 20-year MCC tax increase is too long. Tax increases should be limited to eight years so we can adjust to technology, economic and teaching alternatives.

The property tax renewal and increase are irresponsibly combined into one ballot question.

The current MCC tax doesn’t expire until 2020. MCC is wasting taxpayer dollars by spending $600,000 to have a special countywide election on May 8 rather than putting the tax increase proposal on the November ballot when most people vote. MCC doesn’t need a tax increase. Headlee tax rate rollbacks still give it an inflation rate increase plus additional tax revenue from new homes and businesses every year.

Philis DeSaele

Macomb County Taxpayers Association

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