Making Michigan’s economy great again

By Bill Schuette

Today, I welcome Vice President Mike Pence to Michigan, and thank him for his leadership in creating the strongest economy America has seen in a very long time. The jobs report in June had great news for working families. Two-hundred twenty-three thousand jobs were added to our economy and the unemployment rate fell to 3.8 percent, the lowest number in 18 years. The Trump jobs agenda of lower taxes and less regulation is paying off for the hard-working men and women of our state, big time.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette takes the stage with Vice President Mike Pence at an event hosted by "America First Policies" at the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel in Detroit.

Thanks to President Trump’s tax cuts, a middle-class family in Macomb County will save $2,000 off their tax bill this year. Michigan manufacturers and our vital auto industry have also been strengthened by the historic tax cut. 

This January, Fiat Chrysler announced that it would be making a $1 billion investment in the Warren truck plant to bring home 2,500 jobs from Mexico to make the next generation Ram trucks in Macomb County. Crediting the Trump tax cut for improving the competitiveness of the American economy, Fiat Chrysler also announced that it would be giving its workers a $2,000 bonus.  This is what economic progress looks like and I applaud Congressmen Paul Mitchell, Mike Bishop, Tim Walberg and David Trott for having the courage to fight back against the Pelosi liberals in Congress to pass the tax cut that is making it possible.

In Michigan, we need to follow the example set by the Trump administration and cut taxes for hard-working families. Simply put, it is time to eliminate former Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s job-killing income tax hike, once and for all. Eight years after she left office, the legacy of Granholm’s failed governorship still hangs over Michigan like a dark cloud. Her income tax increase was supposed to be temporary, but the politicians in Lansing broke their promise and made it a permanent fact of life for working families. As a result, the Granholm tax hike has cost taxpayers in our state $8 billion.  

Can you imagine how much stronger our economy would be today if taxpayers would have been empowered to save, invest and spend that money as they saw fit? In fact, the answer is, had we eliminated Granholm’s tax hike, Michigan would not be 250,000 jobs in the hole from the moment the Lost Decade began.

I believe Michigan can become a growth state, a paycheck state and a jobs state. To achieve this, we must streamline government, reduce welfare dependency, and cut taxes to put more money back into the pockets of the welders, machinists, cops, teachers and auto workers who are the backbone of our great state. We must force the politicians and bureaucrats in Lansing do more with less so middle-class families in Macomb County can be free to pursue their dreams without the heavy burden of government on their backs.

I know we can build on President Trump’s booming economy with pro-growth policies that strengthen Michigan businesses and working families. In addition to eliminating Granholm’s income tax hike, we should slash auto insurance rates, and strengthen vocational and technical training to make the Great Lakes State the national leader in economic growth and job creation. With the right conservative policies and leadership, Michigan can win again. 

Bill Schuette is the attorney general of Michigan and a Republican candidate for governor.