Column: Liberal policy scary as violent behavior

Greg McNeilly

Voters beware.

Recent violent behavior and rhetoric from the unhinged political left demonstrates what’s at stake this November. Across the state and the nation, Democrat candidates for governor, state legislature, Congress, and U.S. Senate have abandoned decorum and declared war on their political opponents, as well as on the constitutional rights of everyday Michiganians.

Republicans have been physically confronted by violent protesters. One Republican member of Congress was hospitalized after a violent assault. Another continues his long recovery after being shot during an attempted mass assassination of Republican officials by a fanatic of Bernie Sanders, the socialist darling of the American left.

Maxine Waters, who has been embraced by Gretchen Whitmer, has ostensibly called on leftwing activists to start riots and threaten Republican officials wherever they are found. Last week radical leftists associated with Voters Not Politicians, a Clinton-linked gerrymandering organization in Michigan have made death threats to members of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce – and their children.

McNeilly writes: "Beyond their rhetoric, Democrat promises are almost as scary as their violent intolerance."

It appears Democrat intolerance and bigotry knows no bounds.

But it isn’t only voters’ physical safety that Democrats have threatened. They’re also after our constitutional rights and civil liberties.

Don’t believe me? Just ask them.

In the state Senate and House of Representatives, Democrats this session have introduced numerous bills attempting to curtail our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

There are bills to force workers into unions, increase the income tax, give public school districts the ability to raise property taxes without permission from local residents, impose fees on nurse aides, impose fees on assisted living facilities, and even multiple bills and resolutions encouraging Congress and the state legislature to violate the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution – and your right to free speech.

Then there are the three leading Democratic candidates for governor. Their brand of radical is largely interchangeable. Here’s just a sampling of their promises:

• $3 billion in new spending for roads, only 3 years after voters overwhelmingly rejected as too expensive a plan to spend just $2 billion on roads.

• Another candidate has promised $30 billion in new spending for roads, only a few years after voters overwhelmingly rejected as too expensive a plan to spend just $2 billion on roads. (This fact bears repeating.)

• Free health care for everyone. No, seriously. One of the Democrats for governor has promised “free” health care for everyone. The cost to taxpayers, the candidate claims, will be roughly $5,000 per family. With more than 3 million families in Michigan, that breaks out, conservatively, to $19 billion. Per year.

But they’re not done giving away our money.

• One has proposed tuition “free” college for nearly every Michigan student. One wonders how college professors and staff feel about working for zero pay or benefits.

• Free universal pre-kindergarten education has been pledged for every child in the state. Free!

• They’ve all pledged to ban charter schools. Yes, charter public schools are tuition-free public schools open to all. Yes, charter public schools overwhelmingly outperform their traditional public school counterparts. Yes, according to research evidence students in charter public schools get a dramatically better education and enter adulthood with a significantly higher earning potential. Yes, charter public schools deliver all of these incredible results for thousands of dollars less in annual per pupil funding than their less effective traditional public school counterparts.

Still, bizarrely, yes. Each of the Democratic candidates for governor has promised to ban these schools and to force tens of thousands of Michigan kids out of the schools that help them succeed and back into the failure factories they fled. Beyond their rhetoric, Democrat promises are almost as scary as their violent intolerance.

Greg McNeilly is chairman of the Michigan Freedom Fund.